Shooting and the field of view

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You only see your part of the map, but the Visor allows you to expand the boundaries of the area you can see. It's dark out there, and you won't see supplies, upgrades, and enemies until you get close!


field of view

field of view 2


You will automatically start shooting when an enemy enters the attack area (the red cone of light from your weapon). Automatic shooting cannot be turned off; it's part of the game mechanics. The attack area depends on your hero's weapon.




You will also find two parameters that affect the quality of your shots: armor-piercing power and penetrating power.


Armor-piercing power determines the amount of damage to armor and the amount of damage to health. The higher the armor-piercing parameter, the more health is consumed.


Penetrating Power defines the hero's ability to shoot through obstacles such as walls, crates, shields, and enemy bodies. This parameter applies to every hero to some degree, but Levi, Slayer, Firefly, Blot, Mirage, and Leviathan have the highest. Also, you can improve penetrating power through the gears of these heroes. For example, Bertha's personal set improves the parameter when the set is complete.


Obstacles such as crates and doorways allow you to shoot from cover if you peek out just enough for the enemy to be in your attack area.


If you move, your aim will be worse. Moving widens your area of attack, and your shots may miss. Stopping to aim better will make your shots more accurate.


You may notice that sometimes your screen gets closer, and your visibility gets worse. When this happens, you are under the influence of the Stun (Levi) or Siege Expert (Cyclops) ability. The effect will wear off after a few seconds.


The shooting is loud, and other nearby players can hear it. They can also see the trajectories of the bullets if they are close and shooting icons in the direction of the shooting if they are far away. Keep this in mind if you don't want your location to be known!

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