I cannot access the game due to game access restriction

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Game access restrictions may occur if Dark and Darker Mobile's security solutions detect unusual usage patterns.

Inconvenience may arise due to the extension of restriction periods, if the access repeatedly restricted by automatic detections. To ensure the smooth gameplay, please kindly review your mobile device according to the followings.

[Criteria for Temporary Game Access Restriction]

1. If external programs affecting the game are running:
- Please close all programs other than Dark and Darker Mobile.

2. If app files have been tampered with:
- Please delete the app and reinstall it correctly before gameplay.

3. If unofficial external devices or programs are installed or running:
- Please disconnect the external devices, and uninstall the programs before gameplay.

4. If you repeatedly engage in party play with users of illegal program:
- Dark and Darker Mobile enforces sanctions against abusive behavior.

5. If any other actions violating the operational policy are detected.

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