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The two kinds of attacks in Moonbreaker matches are Melee and Ranged attacks. 

Ranged attacks are shown in blue icon while Melee attacks are shown in yellow icon. The number of damage that the attacks will deal is also shown inside these icons. 



Melee attacks are considered more accurate, and are more likely to hit the target. To execute this attack, your unit must touch the target, which may also put your ally unit at risk. 

Meanwhile, Range attacks can be done whether or not your ally is touching the enemy, and they can be done from any distance. However, due to this distance, the accuracy of these attacks is reduced.



The success of a range unit’s attack depends on their shot’s accuracy. The accuracy, then, depends on the distance of the shot and the covers or other obstructions that are blocking the shot. 

When Range units attack an enemy, the Red line will either get thicker or thinner. The thicker the line, the more chances that the attack will be successful.

Furthermore, a percentage will be shown above the target unit. This indicates how high the accuracy of the shot is. The higher the percentage, the better chance that the shot will hit.






Aside from the accuracy percentage on top of the target unit, you may also see other percentages on the screen when the pointer (red line) hits a soft cover or smoke. These percentages are represented in a negative (-) value as it indicates how much the obstruction will reduce the shot's accuracy. The lower this percentage, the better.


Hard Covers: Blocks both movement and sight. Both units and their attacks will not be able to pass through these covers. 



Soft Covers: Blocks movements and accuracy. Units will not be able to pass through soft covers. However, their attacks can, with reduced accuracy. Soft covers can be helpful in protecting your units from the enemy’s range attacks but remember that this will also affect your allies’ shots. 



Smoke: Blocks accuracy. Units will be able to pass through the smoke, but attacks going through these areas will have reduced accuracy. Just like soft covers, smokes are useful in protecting your allies, but they will also affect your allies’ shot accuracy. 



While Melee attacks are usually at 100% since they are touching their target and there is no distance between them, the smoke can still reduce their accuracy. This happens when the units are placed in a smoky area, making the visibility lower and attacks difficult to execute. 


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