Cargo Run Guide

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Cargo Run is a roguelike mode where you choose your captain along with a default list of crews for each captain. There are five stages that you need to go through. In each round, you will battle a randomized boss of increasing difficulty. Random cargo boxes will drop within the round to give you bonuses such as power-ups or additional crew to your default roster. 


To enter Cargo Run mode, click the Play option from the game main screen and you will have the option to select Cargo Run mode among the 3 current game modes.


Here is where you will be able to select your Captain along with their default crew for the run. For Early Access, there are currently 3 Captains for the season which are Extilior, Zax Ja’kar, and Astra. By clicking the captain’s banner, you will be able to check the default crews under the captain’s roster.



At the start of each match, you will be prompted to select your preferred ship assists. Ship assists are randomized so the key is to make sure that you have selected the ship assists you can use in strategizing with the captain you have selected. 



Throughout the match, there will be random cargo boxes that will randomly drop within the map which you may collect to help you in your run. You can hover your mouse over the cargo boxes to check the bonuses you can get by getting your captain or crew to touch the cargo boxes. Once the enemy captain has been destroyed, the crews will get 3 health and your captain is healed based on your remaining cinder at the end of the match.



After winning a stage in the Cargo Run mode, you will be awarded XP points which can reward you with in-game items from the Season Track. You can check your Season Track progress on the mainscreen by clicking the “Season Track” option.



After winning a stage from the Cargo Run, the progress will be showing the next stage (e.g. MOON 2/5) of your run. You will also have the option to “Abandon Run” if you decided not to continue your current run. Clicking “Abandon Run” will end your progress and you will have to start Cargo Run again by selecting a Captain.

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