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What is Season Track?

Earning XP points in games rewards players with in-game items. In Moonbreaker, we have what we call Season Track. During the launch of Early Access dated Sep 29, 2022, Season 1: Extilior Awakening started. In each season, the game will have a Season Track which will grant limited in-game items. Items collected in the Season Track will be unique and will not be available for purchase in the shop. 


How long are the Seasons?


Currently, we have 120 days (approximately 4 months) to complete the Season Track. This also indicates how long a season will take. You can check the remaining number of days to complete the Season Track under the Season title. (e.g. EXTILIOR’S AWAKENING)


What are the possible in-game items we can get?


In-game items that you can collect include, but are not limited to Profile images, Roster Customization items, in-game currencies, decal packs, Paint pallets and schemes, Aura Skins, etc. Please note that items in the Season Track can only be collected during the period and this will not be offered to the in-game shop. To know the specific item for the level, you need to click the item in the Season Track.


How can we collect the in-game items from Season Track?


Season Track has levels corresponding to the in-game items you can collect. To collect the in-game items, we must reach the required XP for a certain level. For example, in order to collect the “Gloomside Florio” Paint Scheme at Season Track level 10, we have to acquire 1000 XP points. The current Season Track progress will show as XP acquired/1000 (e.g. 105/1000) at the top of the in-game item reward per level.


How do we earn XPs?


XPs can be earned by playing the game. Different game modes provide different amounts of XPs. For example, when playing Cargo Run, since the boss in each level increases in difficulty, the amount of XPs after winning a stage also increases. For PVP and PVC, you will also get XPs even after losing a match as well as winning a match.


How do we claim the in-game item reward after reaching a Season Track level?


After earning XPs at the end of a match, once you have completed the required XP for a certain level, there will be a screen showing that you have completed the required XPs. Furthermore, the screen will show the in-game item ready for you to claim. All you need to do is to click the “Claim” button and the in-game item reward will be included in your inventory.


What happens if I do not finish the Season Track?

Since all in-game items included in a Season Track is only available for that specific season, unclaimed items will not be carried over to the next Season Track. Once the new season starts, a new Season Track will be released and new in-game items will be available for you to collect. We advise that you take advantage of the days available to complete the Season Track so you won’t miss the limited in-game items you can collect per season! 



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