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1. Why Early Access?

We make our best games when you are involved from the start. The earlier you play, the faster we hear what you want.  You can see our plans, our progress, our successes and our failures. This is how we have historically built our games. By involving you in the development process and iterating openly on your feedback, we build better games.

2. Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

Roughly one to two years. It is difficult to accurately predict how long Early Access will last. We have a number of goals that we are adamantly working towards. We are focusing on delivering quality at a reasonable pace. At the end of the day, we're dedicated to completing Moonbreaker and making it the best game possible. In the meantime, to follow along with our development, join our Discord.

3. How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

Throughout Early Access, we will release a number of updates that add new content to the game. We are planning on three different types of updates: Season Track releases, minor updates, and hotfixes. 
Season releases are major updates that are themed and occur only a few times in a calendar year. They include major features, maps, Units, limited-edition cosmetic collectables and more. Minor updates happen more often. They may include features, bug fixes, or anything not formally part of a Season release. Hotfixes are small updates to target balance and fixes for the game. Even beyond Early Access, we plan to continue releasing updates such as these. To get detailed information on all our project updates, join our Discord.

4. What do I get for being an Early Access player?

When you purchase the Base Game you will get the Early Access Player Badge. If you optionally purchase the Founder’s Pack, you will get two Early Access Captain Skins (Astra & Zax) and three Early Access matte paint palettes. See the Founder's Pack details for more information. You will also get our full, undivided attention. Your feedback matters greatly to us!  Let us know what you think on our Nolt.

5. What is the current state of the Early Access version?

Moonbreaker currently includes a multiplayer mode, where you can play 1v1 online against friends in private matches or other players in public matches.  It has two single-player modes – Play versus AI and Cargo Run. Unit painting and a selection of other cosmetic features are also available. There is player progression through Unit Mastery with in-game rewards. Finally, we have Season Tracks, which present new content to unlock and enjoy seasonally. Early Access launch is Season One!
There are 41 Units immediately available in total – Three Captains, 38 Crew – alongside four maps, an Early Access Player Badge, and a number of other cosmetic items (decals, special paints, banner styles, icons, and more). To collect cosmetic awards, level your Units with Unit Mastery or progress along the Season Track.
With each Season release, we will release more features, Units, maps, cosmetics, and more. What exactly will we release?  We have a general idea but this is Early Access, so the most important part is making the game available and hearing your thoughts. We want to make sure we are releasing content that you’re excited about. Your input is invaluable. You can let us know what you think by leaving feedback on our Nolt.

6. How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

Please join us in developing Moonbreaker. You can follow our progress on

Receive notification of updates by signing up to our Development Newsletter. Finally, you can give us feedback using Nolt or the in-game feedback system. Many members of the development team are available to chat in Discord.

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