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Ship Assists are powerful abilities that can greatly affect you and your enemies. They can be called down from your ship and will take effect immediately. 

With each start of the match, you will be asked to select a pair of Assists that you want to use. The pairs are randomized. 

Depending on the cost of the specific assist, it will be able to recharge after a few turns. You will be able to use it only once every time it recharges, so the timing of its usage is also important. 

Here are the different types of assists that you may encounter during your matches: 


Escape_Hatch.png Escape Hatch

This randomly deploys the most expensive unit (max cost of 7 cinders) for free. 

Plink.png Plink


This assist can be used on a unit (ally or enemy) whose health was changed during the turn. If you select an ally, this will restore 1 health. If it's an enemy, this will deal 1 damage. 


Orbital_Strike.png Orbital Strike


At the start of your next turn, this assist will deal 3 damage to all units in the selected area. 

Note: This will also damage your own units if they are within the area, so be careful!

Corrosive_Particles.png Corrosive Particles


When damage is dealt to the units within the area, this assist will add one more damage to it. 

Note: This may also affect your allies if they are within the selected area.

Ion_Storm.png Ion Storm


With this assist, units in the selected area (including your allies) will lose 40% Accuracy for one turn.


Stasis_Field.png Stasis Field


This assist allows you to stun a unit for one turn so they won’t be able to move or attack.


Stimburst.png Stimburst


This assist will allow allies in the selected area to be able to move 50% farther during the current turn.


Vortex_Beam.png Vortex Beam


This assist allows you to move the units in the selected area together. You can use this on your allies and on your enemies as well.


Disruptor_Beam.png Disruptor Beam


This assist allows you to move the units in the area apart. This can be used on your allies or enemies.


Cinder_Infusion.png Cinder Infusion


This assist allows the selected Crew to gain 1 Cinder in the next turns (for three turns). 


Charged_nanoshield.png Charged Nanoshield


This assist makes the selected ally invulnerable (takes no damage) for one turn.


Lifeline.png Lifeline


This assist will restore 5 Health to an ally with 5 or less Health.


Medical_Recall.png Medical Recall


This assist will return the selected allied Crew to your Bridge and restore 2 health to it. 

Note: If a unit is Recalled, when you need to deploy it again, it will cost the same amount of cinder as it did on its first deployment.

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